Barricades meet Ministry of Labour requirements


under Occupational Health and Safety Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.O.1

Sec. 44 (1) Signs meeting the requirements of subsection(2) shall be posted in prominent locations and in sufficient numbers to warn workers of a hazard on a project. O.Reg.213/91, s.44(1).

(2) A sign shall contain the word “DANGER” written in legible letter that are at least 150 millimetres in height and shall state that entry by any unauthorized person to the area where the hazard exists is forbidden. O. Reg.213/91, s.44(2)

“The safety banner has made  significant difference on our job sites in terms of safety. It’s sturdy, can be easily moved from one location to another, and provides clear direction to workers.”

           - Halyna Pikiw,

             Health & Safety


             Hard Rock Forming Co.


B2G barricade user Cameco wins National Safety Award

All our our bags and barriers are custom-made to fit your companies requirements.

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When  creating B2G, design principles were intended for the safety of workers with their families in mind. EXTENSIVE RESEARCH into materials, applications and conveniences

are what make this simple product so revolutionary.

RE-USABLE - for lower costs and elimination of down time

PORTABLE - for quick set up and easy take down

COMPACT - in its self-contained bag makes stocking and storing hassle-free

DURABLE - for interior and exterior uses

RUGGED - for extreme environmental and climatic changes

VISIBLE - reflective used for extra visibility

CUSTOMIZED - Tailor-made to convey any message, any language in any way